Our offer

Marine transshipments, warehousing and packaging

Our company has a huge experience in dealing with the transshipments in the port (Ship-barge / ship-quayside) and packaging of goods. We are a leading service provider on the market for packaging of fertilizers and feed. Our ships are prepered to transport various goods: heavy and oversized loads, free flowing bulk cargo (coal, fertilizers, ore etc.), steel products and groupage loads. We organize reloading, storage at Polish harbors and other European ports, including the inland ports of Germany.

Land transport

We organize national and international transport throughout Europe as well as forwarding LCL and full tonnage general cargo. We work closely with professional, demanding companies.  Based on the very good, repeatedly proven and trusted contacts we are able to arrange transportation for your products to or from almost any place in Europe. We always make every effort to efficiently transport our Client’s goods.

Water transport

In the field of sea freight we offer professional services of our qualified personnel involved in the organization of national and international transport . The strategic location in the port area of Szczecin enables us to supervise both bulk and container European transport. The company successfully execute transportation via water routes of Europe, such as Polish rivers- the Vistula, Oder and the rivers and canals of Western Europe. furthermore, in the framework of maritime transport we organize transportation of your goods with ships adapted for this purpose. We specialize in transport of cargo including bulk goods such as coal, fertilizers or crude steel, and also oversized loads, where the road transportation would be very difficult and expensive.

About Us

The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. Implementation of the tasks entrusted to us starts upon Client forwarding order, includes cargo receipt at supplier’s headquarter, and finally storage, packaging and safe delivery to the recipient. Furthermore we guarantee a professional advice services in the matter of transport options and cargo storage. Since logistics and transport are our passion, we offer professional support, both when making important choices and decisions, as well as in the specific solutions design. We are focused on our customers, thats why we offer an individually selected type of cooperation to each company.


The biggest advantage of our company is well-qualified and experienced staff. Our forwarding agents are certified by the highest licenses and professionally serve clients in many languages. Our team is expecting you always from Monday to Friday from 08.00 to 17.00, except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.


As a company with a highly developed branch of car freight, we have a wide base of regular carriers. We offer our business partners a contract of permanent cooperation, loyalty packages and many shipments from the port of Szczecin. Our high priority goal is to actively support the transport activities of our partner companies. Also we will gladly start a cooperation with carriers who operate on Mega Trailer type semi-trailers.

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